Shipping & Warehousing

Haiti Shipping Lines

Your connection to Haiti Haiti Shipping Lines has been providing specialized ocean shipping services between the United States, Asia, Africa and Europe to Cap Haïtien, Haiti for over a decade. A definite industry leader — Haiti Shipping Lines serves more than 80 cities in the U.S. and Haiti through its own receiving warehouses and select … Learn More »

Prestige Ship Services

Haiti’s Premiere Shipping Agents & Warehouse Managers With over 15 years of experience, Prestige Ship Services has a proven track record in conducting its operations efficiently and with utmost dilligence, resulting in a continually increasing market share. Prestige has an impeccable reputation with the Haitian Customs and Port Authority, Stevendoring and Trucking group and is … Learn More »

Haiti Shipping Cargo

Haiti Shipping Cargo provides weekly shipping service to Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. We ship general cargo, building materials, personal effects and much more. We offer a door to door delivery service where we can pick up your cargo or packages from anywhere in South Florida and will deliver anywhere in Cap-Haïtien. You can also order online from … Learn More »

Haiti Shipping Cargo

Cap Terminal S.A.

Cap Terminal S.A. (CTSA) of Cap-Haïtien, Haiti, operates the only full service container terminal in the Port of Cap-Haïtien since 1998. The port is fully accredited by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) along with ISPS (International Ship and Port Security) certification. Our senior staff has over twenty years of maritime terminal business experience in Haiti … Learn More »

Le Parc S.A.

The owners and management team of Le Parc S.A. work together in order to build in Cap-Haïtien a private warehouse industrial park to satisfy the high demand of safe storage facilities in the region. The goal is to facilitate national and international firms, private or public enterprises to have access to standard warehouses in order … Learn More »

Tourism & Hospitality

Habitation Jouissant

A hotel renowned for its spectacular views and pristine natural beauty, Habitation Jouissant is located in the majestic mountains of Cap-Haïtien on Haiti’s north coast. Celebrating the finest in Haitian culture and hospitality, Habitation Jouissant offers an idyllic escape for business travelers, leisure guests, and families alike. Upon the completion of its upcoming expansion in … Learn More »

Marquis Paradise

Tucked into the northern shores of “the Haitian Riviera,” Marquis Paradise is a luxury rental estate and an escape from the ordinary Caribbean destination. Five-star amenities include a private on-site chef, chauffeured transportation, maid service, private tours, on-site entertainment and hosting packages, and much more. Family, friends, or professionals enjoy ample space and endless natural … Learn More »

Marquis Paradise

Hotel Imperial

Offering excellent services and fairest accommodation in the town Hotel Imperial settled close to Cap-Haïtien town proper. It located 5 mins away from the town proper and 20 mins away from Citadelle Laferrière the mountaintop fortress in northern Haiti and 30 mins to Labadee Beach. It offers chic design accommodations, alluring facilities and highly regarded … Learn More »


Alfred Beliard Foundation

Social Responsibility Actively Contributing to our Community The Alfred Beliard Foundation’s main goal is cancer education, early prevention and treatment. Haitians living in Haiti deserve to have access to the overabundance of information available in the United States. The Foundation serves as a conduit for access to medical experts and other invaluable resources for Haitians … Learn More »


Haiti Logistics S.A.

Let’s Rebuild Haiti! HALOSA, which stands for “Haiti Logistics Societe Anonyme” was founded after the devastating earthquake which hit Haiti in the year 2010. The company has been involved in the cleaning and rebuilding of Haiti by working for different non-governmental organizations such as CHF, CRS, JP/HRO and many more. Haiti Logistics specializes in debris …

Tropik Network LLC

Tropik Network, a pioneer in the Caribbean media, is principally engaged in the production and distribution of programming in French, English and Creole languages in the Caribbean Islands and USA. Tropik’s vision is to connect the nearly 7 million Caribbean-born viewers living in the United States to the viewers in the Caribbean through Tropik Network™ … Learn More »