Fatima Group, a Corporate Holding Company, has distinguished itself as a powerhouse leader in the northern region of Haiti.

Although Fatima started out as a family owned business, it has since captured the attention of investors all over the world. Fatima’s roots date back to 1943 when the first-generation stakeholder, Alfred Béliard, started at transportation company that created unprecedented employment opportunities in the northern city of Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. With the surplus from the transportation company, Alfred Invested in a variety of textile and service businesses. Since then, the second- and third-generation stakeholders have been driven by Alfred’s unique intuition and passion for business to develop Fatima Group, a thriving conglomerate.

The Fatima Group has a special love for Cap-Haïtien and its surrounding areas. With the Cap-Haïtien Airport being renovated, the start of the Northern Industrial Park in Caracol, and our long established businesses across a spectrum of vital industries, Fatima Group will continue its investment in economic activity that not only fosters prosperity in Haiti, but contributes to a dynamic global marketplace.

Likewise, Fatima Group hopes to lead by example and encourage other businesses in the region and abroad to invest in Cap-Haïtien’s growing economy and support projects to help communities and the underprivileged.

Fatima Group is actively exploring new business opportunities across various economic sectors. See our areas of business to learn about our current holdings.

Our Leadership

Patrick Anthony Béliard


Reginald Béliard

Vice President

Richard Dubin

Vice President